We've launched our second product already; the ML14.

Hot on the heels of the ML123, we've created two tyre levers, made of the same metal-replacement plastic, weighing only 58g. These levers, which carry over the £1 coin storage slots and split-chain link holder functionality from the ML123, are designed to support those people who've just bought themselves a multi-tool (and don't want to give up using it just yet!) or for those long-distance cyclists who want more than the ML123 has to offer in terms of tool functionality, but who do need a stronger, lighter pair of levers of a size that will enable them to get a good grip and lever that stubborn tyre off the wheel.

Available in Stique colours, i.e. combinations of blue, graphite grey and white, these levers still hold together using our strong magnets and have the same ergonomic shape to fit the hand.

At only £5.00 for the pair, you will find these levers give you value for money in a way other levers just cannot achieve.


March 11, 2015 by Greg McDonald