Why 'Stique'?

We're not glory boys; we leave that to others. We're about design, engineering, and materials, supporting your ride with good-quality equipment, manufactured in the heartland of Britain. That's why we called ourselves Stique, in honour of the domestiques who work tirelessly with and for the team, whose leader will take the glory. We think our customers should take the glory.

Where exactly are your products made?

Stique products are designed and manufactured in Great Britain - Cannock Chase to be precise, a centre for mountain-biking (good testing ground!) and road cycling, being in the Staffordshire hills and close to the Peak District. That's why we've marked the levers with 'Made in Blighty', an endearing term for Britain.

Should I get the ML125 or ML125CF?

In terms of functionality, the ML125 and ML125CF are exactly the same. The main difference lies in the strength and weight. The metal-replacement plastic version (ML125) is three times the strength of market-leading levers and weighs 160g. The carbon-fibre version is six times stronger than market-leading levers and weighs 130g. The ML125CF also comes with a Stique-branded neoprene case.

Do you really offer a lifetime guarantee?

Yes. We pride ourselves on the strength and quality of our products and that's why we're happy to replace them for you should they break. All we ask is that you send us a photo the broken product and explain how it happened. We can then assess why this might have happened and what can be done to prevent it from happening again. To enforce the legitimacy of our lifetime guarantee, we kindly ask customers to leave us a review on Trustpilot

Do you work with other businesses?

Given the unique relationship with our main supplier, we have total control over the manufacturing process. This means we can produce our tyre levers (ML14) with your brand's logo and colours, making them an ideal giveaway for corporate or charity events. For more information and an e-brochure, please send an email to sales@stique.bike.