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ML14CF (Tyre levers in injection-moulded carbon fibre)


We released our ML14 tyre levers in Feb-15, at the London Bike Show. They were made of metal-replacement plastic (twice as strong as the best plastic tyre levers out there at the time).

Now we've released injection-moulded carbon fibre versions of the same levers, but with an additional improvement: we've narrowed and thinned down one of the levers in order to make it easier to get into really tight gaps between tyre and rim. This is more for road tyres, as the originals worked brilliantly with mountain bike and commuter cycle tyres.

These carbon fibre levers are 3x stronger than our metal-replacement levers, so they are 6x stronger than any other plastic levers out there. Weighing in at 48g (they're held together by magnets, so they weigh a bit!), they're super light and extra strong.

With 2x new £1 coin storage (parking, Coca-Cola, coffee, chocolate?) and split chain-link holders, you'll have all emergencies covered.

The spoke hooks are designed to hook onto flat as well as round spokes.

As they're made of carbon fibre, they're only available in one colour: Carbon Black.

As usual, they come with a lifetime guarantee.