Welcome to 2021 & What to Expect From Us

We wish you all a warm welcome to 2021 and thank everyone of you who has supported us throughout 2020 and beyond - whether that's buying our gear, recommending us to your riding friends or simply giving us some love on social media.

For us, 2020 was about continuing our support to cyclists out there with our tools and shipping orders so you could enjoy the opportunities you had to ride more, knowing that you had the right kit. It also provided us with time to focus on new projects and we've got several things in the pipeline that we are excited to bring to you.

One product that is available right now is our SaddleGuard - we combined the convenience and practicality of a well designed saddle bag with a mudguard that cleverly attaches to help protect you and your gear while riding in the wet. The mudguard isn't designed to give you full winter coverage (we'll leave that to the other boys) but it does limit the amount of road spray coming off your rear wheel and onto you to improve comfort on long and cold rides. It's clear material ensures visibility to the 3M reflective panel and lights that you may have mounted to your bike and any dirt washes off easily with water.

So, what can you expect from us in 2021?

Well, much of the same - we continue to ship our Multilevers around the world while working on new products for you. We'll also be taking more time to write on here - with some new blog features including our product pick of the month from brands all around the world to a regular riding and maintenance 'tips and tricks' post, so watch this space for more content.


Thank you again, and happy riding from all of us here at Stique HQ!