Durable, responsive, hard as nails…

'Stique Limited is a team of cycling fans (road-, MTB and cyclo-cross) based near Cannock Chase. We've driven to the Alps to test our legs on the mountains, we've cycled the Surrey hills for charity (and fun!), we've followed the dog on the Chase, and tested our stamina in cyclo-cross. But we've also cycled to work on the busy streets of London, so we think we know a bit about cycling.

Our mission is to disrupt, to challenge and yet to please. We plan to do this by thinking hard(-er?) about what cycling accessories are really all about; how they're really used, not how manufacturers think they should be used.

But we don't just want our products to be useful: we want them to feel and look good too. So we spend time thinking about these aspects when we're designing them.

With backgrounds in design, manufacturing and sourcing, we're also business people. And we make it our business to manufacture our products in the UK. Why? Because we've done the extended supply-chain stuff and we feel it doesn't offer the flexibility, the consistency of quality and the speed of change that we need.

The idea that 'low cost' manufacturing is only available outside of the West is, we feel, an outdated view of the world. With lean manufacturing and compressed supply chains, we believe the West can deliver innovation and quality in half the time, and at no additional cost when the whole process is considered.


Why 'Stique?

Our name comes from the love of the bicycle, a thirst to break new ground for bike riders, and the sweat, toil and sacrifice personified by the legendary domestiques.

Road bike, mountain bike, cyclocross or urban – we don’t care, as long as we’re busting a gut to support your ride.

Animation explaining Multilever ML123

Our latest effort to help explain what the Multilever ML123 does and is capable of doing is set out in this animation by our Product Design Engineer, Ed.


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