Our first product, the Multilever ML123, was launched at the Cycle Show at the NEC (Birmingham, UK) at the end of Sep-14. It was successfully funded on Kickstarter in Jul/Aug-14.


In Feb-15, at the London Bike Show, we launched our second product, the ML14.



On 24-Sep, at the Cycle Show at the NEC (Birmingham), we launched an upgrade to the ML123. We launched a new top lever (ML5) with a cast stainless steel chain-splitter. This is now our default product and it is known as the ML125. We Won't be making the ML124 any more, so once we've sold out of the old top lever (ML3), that'll be it.

The new ML125 is available in metal replacement plastic (ML125) or in carbon fibre (ML125CF). The ML125 is card-hung, as it no longer comes with a neoprene pouch. The ML125CF comes boxed, as it is still sold with a neoprene pouch. We may change this going forward but, for now, it is included.

The ML125 retails at £25. The ML125CF retails at £40.