Will there be a Euro coin version and when will it be available?

The tooling has been designed in such a way that the coin slot can be changed to suit pound coins or euros, or even US 25 cent coins. That means we have been shipping Euro & US versions since late Nov-14, just like the British pound coin versions. If you want a Euro or US 25 cent version, please select the correct version in our Shop.


What if we want some other tool bits, not just the four that come with the Multilever ML123?

Because the tools are standard 1/4" (6.35mm) hex drive tool bits, you can put whatever you like into the ML123. You can even buy them on Amazon; where they're 'cheap as chips'. The ones we sell with our Multilever are a more upmarket version, from a specialist trade supplier, as we prefer a special coating to be applied to ours. We're also selling these on our website.


Where is the Multilever made?

A lot of people have been asking us where the Multilever is made, expecting the answer to be Taiwan, China or even USA. No; wrong. It's made in England - Cannock Chase to be precise, a centre for mountain biking (good testing ground!) and road cycling, being in the Staffordshire hills and close to the Peak District. That's why we've marked the levers with 'Made in Blighty', an endearing term for England.


Why not a compass instead of a thermometer?

We originally designed the top lever (ML3) with a compass but, when we add the magnets to replace the 'clunk-click' joining system, we were forced to abandon it. We also thought that, since most people ride out with their smartphones anyway, most of which have a compass built into them, we wouldn't be taking away anything that wasn't already there. A thermometer struck us as being the next best thing to have, although you might say smartphones can also tell you what the local weather is doing anyway, so you have a good idea of the temperature anyway.


What batteries does the Multilever hold?

We should have made this clearer. Not only does the ML123 store an HRM battery, but it will also store popular batteries such as the CR2032, CR2016 and CR2025. Basically any (most) small flat batteries!


What if I only want to ride out with two levers?

Our Multilever system is totally modular. It is designed in such a way that you can take out any one-/two- or three-lever combination. Lever 3 (ML3) fits straight onto ML1 (but then you wouldn't have the tool-bit driver) or you can leave ML3 (the top lever) behind, if you don't think you're going to need the other three tool-bits on your journey.


What other developments is 'Stique likely to come up with, in terms of the Multilever?

There are three developments we're currently looking at and working on:

  1. A fourth lever with a chain-breaker. This lever will replace what is currently the top lever, but will still have the blue over-moulded tool bank - ML4
  2. A special, slimmed-down, two-lever version of the Multilever for weight obsessives and triathletes with tools placed in the space where the coin holders are - 'ML TriLight'


Are there instructions for the Multilever ML123?