Why Kickstarter?

We have decided to launch a project on Kickstarter, as the manufacture of the Multilevers has become more complicated now that we have moved it into a three-lever design, with cast-alloy workpiece holder and rubberized over-moulded tool bank. Instead of one tool, as before, we now need three.

The total cost of tooling has meant this can no longer be funded by ‘Stique alone, especially after all the funding that has already gone into the design and redesign, IPR registration, prototyping, lab testing, moulding trials, colour trials; and on and on it goes. It never seems to stop!

Non, rien de rien. Non je ne regrette rien”, goes the song. And I’m the same: I have no regrets, as what we’re showing people now during the development stages, is a far superior and more capable a product when compared to our first design, what we now call Gen I.

The team, and I mean Dave and Tim here, mainly, have managed to improve the product every time we’ve approached, and then cleared, a hurdle. The field trials were a great help, but as we have redesigned parts of the product, it has triggered new ideas such as the HRM battery holder, the thermometer and the spoke hook.

With Kickstarter, we should also be able to find a much wider audience for our Multilever: one that is experienced in identifying and supporting winning solutions to age-old problems. I’m looking forward to receiving feedback from these ‘early adopters’, and understanding their concerns, likes and dislikes. It’ll help us to further develop the Multilever and bring an improved product to market.

What if we don’t raise our minimum funding requirement through Kickstarter? I’m not going there now. That’s a hurdle I don’t want to have to clear. No, really; I’m an optimist – I don’t dwell on the downside. And with Si (brand development), Andrew (website), Ivo (social media & graphics), Laura (photography), Ben and Will (video) and Guy (music) all helping, I’m confident we’ll make an impression.

June 26, 2014 by Greg McDonald
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